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  • rear axle swap

    I've been wanting to swap out my rear axle on my jeep right now I'm running a GM 12 Bolt (full with). It's a C-clip axle, would not be good if I broke one of those out on the trail. I plan to stay with 35 in. tires. Now I have a 14 bolt full floater waiting for me (8 lug). should I use this and change the front rotors to 8 lug (Dana 44 front) to match. What about a Ford 9 inch? or a Dana 60 (semi float)? I want to stay with 15 inch wheels and want rear disk brakes! Let hear what everyone have to say.
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    Just did this conversion so if it were me.....Id start to Look for a 10 bolt corporate front axle outa a pre 87 3/4 ton 4x4 truck or 2500 series 4WD Suburban. Say something in the years of 88-89-90-91ish for the perfect donor candidate. 91 was the last year of the good ole "REAL" Suburban. This will have EVERYTHING you need to complete your task except you will most likely have to ditch those factory installed "auto" hubs. That and maybe a slight grind job to the calipers if you want to run 15" rims. 4WP makes steelies in 8 lug w/round holes that will fit & clear almost perfectly & not break the bank roll on 16 or 17" wheels & tires. Price goes up exponetial with 16" & up tire sizes. As far as the rear axle, free is good however it ain't no D60 FF. Corse you're running 35's so unless you shave it (D60) or run bigger meats, it's gonna' hit everything.
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