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Rear Locker?


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  • Rear Locker?

    I have been looking to lock the rear end of my jeep anybody know where i can find one? Any replies appreciated.

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    Rear Locker

    Most 4x4 shops sell and install lockers. You can also puchase them via internet/mail order. Where to get a locker is secondary to which locker to get. If your Jeep is a daily driver and you don't go offroad very much, you may want to go with a limited slip. If you feel you need a full locker, but intend to do alot of street driving, you may want to go with a selectable locker such as ARB or OX. If you're on a budget, you maight want an auto-locker like a detroit or Lock-rite. These are less expensive and easier to install than the selectables but make lots of noises and tire chirps. Decide what locker you want and wether or not you'll do the install yourself, then you'll be in a position to decide where to buy. Hope that helps!
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      Thanks, shes gana go in the pit if i dont sell her soon, so all time locked will be fine by me do they make them for front and rear???


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        Why lock it if your going to sell it? If you feel you must I would go cheap and use the lockrites there inexpensive and easy to install.