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  • 4.0 fi 0n 4.2

    does anyone know if you can put fuel injection or tbi injection (whatever they have) from say a 90 cherokee in an 86 cj with a 258. i dunno much about the motors im a suspension guy but im tired of my jeep dying on hills and i cant really afford anything since tires are going to cost an arm and a leg. but any help is greatly appreciated thanx
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    The 90 is a non HO motor. I would think it would swap right over. 4.0 share lots of parts with 4.2.
    If not swap the head too.
    The speed sensor is in the bellhousing, so use the bell housing from the 4.0 or I understand HESCO makes a damper mounted sensor.

    I put a 1990 4.0, AX-15, fuel injection and all into my 1980 CJ7.
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      you may find it easier just to swap the entire motor, you'd probably get the entire motor and inc computer for the price of the FI parts the motor should share the same motor mount locations and it's not that hard to be creative with the crank position sensor.
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        I just put a 95 4.0 in my 89 with a 4.2. Thats the only way to do it. Mopar makes a kit for the 4.2 to fuel injection for like $2,300.00 but there is no aftermarket products for the engine. Swap is the only way to go with a 4.2.


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          I got the Mopar 4.0 mpi system on my 258 and I love it. A little pricey but at the time I rebuilt the motor I needed the coil, dist., throttle cable, fuel pump, intake, kn filter, plug wires, and etc at all came in the kit. Howell EFI makes a tbi kit for the 258 the uses chevy 4.3 tbi, complete smog legal kit is around $1600. Or has a propane injection kit for $900 works at any angle.