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    Some of you may remember reading a while back about me misfortune an the Con, some were there and I want to that this chance to thank everyone for the help and support again, I couldn't have done this without you.

    So we went with an ARB locker and now it's time to charge it. I've decided to use my oba Co2 instead of fabing an entire system (more work then I'd like to do).
    So I have my PowerTank and their ARB install kit and here's the plan.

    Point of entry


    Mounting place (seem to be plenty of room and it stays clean)

    So you can see it should be pretty simple (if I can only find the time)

    to be continued...

    Cheers, B&T TJ

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    Nice work Tom! That set up should work pretty well.
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        On the bottle, eh? I prefer a little nitrous when referring to the bottle...

        Is this your long term ARB actuation plan? I'm not sure about the air consumption of an ARB, but it seems that the cost of the CO2 you'll use will eventually pay back a compressor. I have no idea how much CO2 costs, I haven't ever had a bottle, so maybe the payback is not so great on an expensive compressor. However, a cheap compressor with the CO2 as backup might be the way to go on a budget...
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          About $7 to fill a 5lbs bottle. I already had the Co2 set-up to fill tires but since 33's the bottle doesn't go very far. I'll use the compressor to fill tires and the Co2 for the ARB and as often as I'll use it it should last a long time plus I could always fill tires from the bottle too.
          The gauge on the manifold measures the out pressure which can help finding a leaks, the check valve is set @100psi and with the bottle already mounted in the back the hose run will be short. I wont say this is the route for everyone but it seems to be the quickest and cheapest since I had most of the equipment already.
          Besides I could always hook up a really long hose to Erik's OBA when the C02 runs out, he won't mind.



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            Making progress

            Here's the manifold mounted and rear axle at full droop

            On the ground

            Tube entering the rear running under the carpeting to the bottle and I still have 10' of tubing left

            All that's left is the switch. This should only take a week or so, I'mm sooo slow.

            B&T TJ