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How big is not too big?


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    Alrighty, 4 pooper has better weight distribution and can make a killer trail/general purpose rig. Run it with a 4" Rubicon short arm kit with good shocks (like the Bilstein 5150's) then you've goata couple of choices, high skid and 33's or bigger axles and 35 plus tires, i've seen some good prices on rubicon TJ 44's and they're airlocked and 4:10 geared already. . don't get fooled into thinking that a 4:1 kit will help you. standard low range is perfect for sand and mud, but a 4:1 is too low (you're not going to use Hi much offroad) but you still need deeper on the rocks maybe look at a klune V underdrive or that 3 speed transfer case thingy, personally I like to run around 100:1 plus in the big stuff.

    I'm dreaming about a pair of 44's with 5.89's detriot front ,spool rear full discs, trusses, howe steering kit and a real purrdy set of 39.5 swampers on trailready beadlocks..... just need the wife to finish her CPA or to win the lottery....
    Mighty 4 banger YJ, 35's,4.88's, 30 splines, Detroits, 4.5" lift, TJ flares, Scorpion Offroad stuff, blah, blah, blah.