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Need help with Wrangler Cooling System


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  • Need help with Wrangler Cooling System

    Hello, I have a 1999 Jeep Wrangler 4.0. I've been having a problem losing Coolant. I drive it home from work and turn it off. It then overflows the coolant out. Can this be a Radiator Cap? It runs around 210 Degrees, is this too hot or normal? Also, can anyone tell me where the Thermostat is located? Thanks.

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    definatly not normal, first check the overflow resevoir and make sure the coolant is at the correct level and the overflow hoses are intact (to find the resevoir follow the small hose to the side of the cap) The overflow could be an air lock or even too much coolant, especially if you're adding more everytime you see that you lose some.

    As for the thermostat, follow the upper radiator hose to the motor and you'll see an aluminum casting that the hose clamps to, the thermostat is located inside. If you remove the housing make sure you replace the gasket or at least use some hi-temp silicone to seal it! I replaced my stock thermostat with a Robert Shaw hi-flow 180 degree unit about 4 years ago and not looked back since. good upgrade, especially in warmer climates.
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