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  • Flex-a-lite Fan

    Looking for an electric cooling fan and Summit has the flex-a-lite fan kits for a decent price.

    Yeah, nah, waste of money/time?

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    why do you want an electric fan??
    I have had many.. and I MUCH prefer good reliable mechanical fans.
    It's not what you have. it's what you do with what you have.


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      been running mine for 4 years with no issues at all.... only thing I got was a little extra get up and go from the motor, which is not a bad thing. The HP increases that flex-a-lite publish for their fan after removing the stock are pretty close.

      One big advantage of an electric fan is when your crawling, my motor sits at a comfy 180 degrees (with a 180 degree thermostat)even in the rocks. Before I installed it I was always running hot, to the point of once in a while overheating when running slowly.
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        I like my Flex-a-lite, It cooled the AMC 360just fine and now the 4.0. I agree on the good for crawling part, and you can let it run after you shut of the motor.
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