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axle strength?


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  • axle strength?

    OK I'm running a Dana 44 front and a GM 12 Bolt rear right now in my 90 wrangler with 35 inch tires. I'm wanting to swap out my rear axle what would be a good replacement with keeping the 6 lug bolt pattern. What about the GM 14 bolt semi-floater is it any stronger that the 12 bolt? I was doing some checking is the 14 bolt a C-clip like the 12 Bolt? I haven't had any problems with the 12 Bolt yet. I'm gonna stick with 35 inch tires. I just want to here your ideas on this. Thanks
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    Assuming you're staying full width stuff, the SF 14 bolt is about as strong a junk yard axle that fits your bill that I can think of.
    Course it's hella easy to convert your front to 8 lug and match the rear with a D60 or 14 bolt for even more strength
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      hehh, I got a 3/4 ton 4X4 Suburban parked out front that has exactly the stuff mentioned in this thread. The 14 bolt is a semi float 9.5" ring gear dia. (as opposed to the 10.5" ring gear in full float 1 tons) and does use a "C" clip retainer. Benefits are easy to do brakes and fairly strong. That and the Detroit Locker is the CHEAPEST model sold for all axles regardless of mfg. (usually around $385). It has 8 lugs, huge powerful drum brakes and over 3" axle tube diameter. These 14 bolts are easilly available in salvage yards or websites for very low cost. I've seen open diff. models go for as little as $25 on ebytes. The front axle is your typical 10 bolt with 8 lug hubs. These 8 lug hubs should be relatively easy to convert on your 44 or 10 bolt axle in a Jeep and ya' gotta' admit, 8 lugs would just plain look tight. You'd have to run 16" rims to clear the drum brakes and calipers if you have the tow package disc's up front so prepare for tire cost increase over 15" sizes. This also gives you opportunity to run military type bead loc's as used on some GM equipment in the 70's & 80's. My Suburban has a GVWR of 8,600 Lbs & tow capacity over 9,000 Lbs, so I guess id have to say that a Jeep weight of less than half will give a build-up safety margin better than 50%..... Not that im an advocate for GM or any other axle mfg. Just giving info as requested.....
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