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Simple Wiring to Test Fire a 258 CJ


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  • Simple Wiring to Test Fire a 258 CJ

    Does anyone know of a simple wiring setup to test fire a 258 in a CJ?I picked up a '73 CJ5 parts Jeep with a later 258 and the wiring coming out of the firewall has been cut off.I beleive its a Motocraft distributor and alternator.I could figure it out if it I had an HEI and GM alternator but I'm lost with the Ford stuff.
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    So the lead from the ignition switch has been chopped and all of the wires coming out of the firewall are dead?
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      Theres no ignition switch in the dash.Theres one on the floor with trailer wiring(you know the brown/yellow/green/white)that runs out into the engine compartment.One wire is hooked to the coil and thats about it.
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        more or less all you need are the two coil wires that come from the computer, and a hot to the computer... then you can 'jump' the starter motor

        should fire
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          Here is what I did.There was no key in the universal ignition switch and I figured "how many keys could they use in these switches".Sure enough 3rd key on my key ring worked!O.K. they had the brown wire on the IGN post of the switch,I connected the other end to the coil.The green wire was on the BAT terminal so I connected it to the positive terminal of the battery.The yellow wire was on the ST terminal and was already hooked to the starter solenoid.
          I hit the key and the solenoid clicked so I cleaned both ends of the cable from the solenoid to the starter.Now it rolled over.I pulled the distributor cap and it was a mess.Cleaned it and the rotor and checked the points for spark.WHAT POINTS??!!Remember them!Anyhow no fire from the coil.I had bought some Jeep parts on E-Bay(hard to imagine) and there was an original AMC coil in the box so on that went.
          The carb was froze up so I replaced it with an old Carter that was on a 318 in a D400 Dodge I had 20 years ago(and my girlfriend calls me a pack rat--I knew I'd need that carb someday).I took the carb apart and cleaned it.Ran a fuel hose from the pump into a 5 gallon can of chainsaw gas.Poured some gas in the carb and the old girl breathed to life!!!
          I didn't get around to doing much with the alternator but I did put a meter on the 10 gauge wire coming off the back and just laying there.It read .41 volts-not to good.The wires on the voltage regulator look awful!The ground is extremely rusty!I think I can get it operational or hook up a GM alternator fairly easy.
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            Dan theres no computer in the '73.My '83 has a computer,I think they started putting the computers in around '81 or so.
            Heres a link to the E-bay auction I got the '73 from.This is the same Jeep I had bought the Meyers top off of a month before.I bought a bunch of other Jeep parts from him too.Including a '76 CJ5.

            "Good Girls and Dirty Jeeps" a song by Opal Justice