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  • Clicking noise

    My 94 is making a clicking noise that comes and goes. It sounds like its coming from the lower front part of the engine (around the crank or water pump pulley). I'm thinking its a spun bearing, worn water pump, or the crank pulley is worn around the alignment slot. The crank oil seal is starting to leak a little but changing that is not a problem. I'm just hoping its not a spun bearing. Thanks for the help...

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    You may want to take a look at the crank as you say that you're leaking oil from there, its easy enough to do, just put on the parking brake, shift to neutral then you want to pull the battery ground wire and spark plugs. This'll allow you to crank over the engine with the right size socket and ratchet on the crank pulley nut. A spun bearing will be pretty noticable.
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      Does it make noise hot? Under power? Idling? How many miles? What engine? Thanks

      Timing chain? If you think it is the water pump, pull the belt and spin the pump, then start the motor with the belt off.

      Spun bearings usually affect oil pressure, and generally don't come and go.

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