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  • Gary

    Hi all,
    I don't have a jeep, I have a 65 Rambler with a 232 (similar to the 258 I think) and a Carter 2 barrel carb.
    I was reading some of you alls posts and feel like I should give the carb one good chance at a rebuild. The motor was rebuilt recently by Jasper. The carb appears to be in good shape, accelerator pump looks new ect.
    The car seems to be flooded all the time with something liquid (probably gas) coming out the exhause and a definate stumble off idle.
    This carb seems to use some adjustable metering rods. Does anyone have any tips as to weather I should adjust these rods as per my 65 Rambler manual and/or I should change the float settings to have a little less gas in the bowl?
    I ultimately want a good running engine and exceptional fuel mileage.
    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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    I set my float 1/16-3/32" lower than the spec so it would keep a little less fuel in the bowl. This helped dramatically with off camber performance. Also, while you have it apart, check the housing mating surfaces for trueness. My upper housing was not sealing well to the venturi even with a new gasket, so it had a huge vacuum leak. A little bit of flat sanding on emery cloth and some sealant (make sure it's gasoling friendly) cured this problem.
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      Thanks for the help Rick!