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Oil Oil everywhere!! in a 91 XJ 4.0l


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  • Oil Oil everywhere!! in a 91 XJ 4.0l

    Hey, I bought a 91 Xj off a guy for 300 bucks. It has 171k miles and runs great, as long as you dump 1/2-1 quart of oil in it every day. I dont think any of the oil is getting burned up, And I checked out the chassis and there is oil EVERYWHERE. All over the oil pan, on the sides, and what i dont get is that there seems to be oil all over the bottom of the tranny and ATF pan. I know im not loosing ATF cause I've been checking it everyday, but I just don't see how in gods name the engine oil got all over it.

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    Fan or other moving air is probably blowing it back. Got a similar problem.
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      sounds like a front cranckshaft seal Blown . air being pushed by the fan will blow it everywhere !

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        Sounds like excessive blow-by caused by either stuck or worn piston rings or a clogged pcv system. Try this test: pull the dipstick out, start the motor up and rev it up to about 2000 rpm...keep an eye on the dipstick tube. If you see lots of smoke or even oil shooting out, you've got motor problems.
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          my 88 did the same thing . . . until I replaced the rear main seal. at 170k it should be replaced anyway, even if it is not the problem. I had a small oil fire on my exhaust due to oil being leaked onto the exhaust. Nothing major, but it could have been worse. gbray is right about a clogged PCV. Check the air filter, if there is oil on it then you have some blow by. Its usually caused by excessive carbon build up in the small plastic PCV system lines. They can either be cleaned, or new ones can be purchased from the dealership. Good Luck! Let us know how it goes.
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