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need a cherry picker


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  • need a cherry picker

    Is there anyone out in the Las Vegas area that has a cherry picker that would be intrested in helping me pull my motor so I can replace my freeze plugs?

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    Allright well I've located a cherry picker and I'm going to atempt to takle this darn freeze plug problem this week end dose any one know where to get that freeze plug kit that comes with all the bras plugs and tools to remove them. then as soon as i'm done im goning to take a loan out on my home pay off the jeep and my toys , and i'm finaly going to scrap that 3.5in lift and put on the R.E. 7.5in lift.


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      To remove the freeze plugs: tap one spot on the outside edge of the plug until it starts to turn a bit in the hole. It should eventually pop the opposite side out a bit so you can grab it with pliers. Worst case, drill a hole and yank it out with a screwdriver. This is not the preferred method if you aren't doing a complete teardown since the shavings will end up in the coolant passages in the block. You could flush it out with a garden hose since you are pulling it out if you have to resort to this. This still will probably not remove all of the shavings unless you have an engine stand and can rotate the block to allow the metal to come out.

      I would just measure the hole diameter and go to an engine shop to buy the plug you need. Use a big socket to tap the new plug in. Don't forget to put sealer on it. I use Permatex semi-hardening fast drying. I forget what number it is.
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