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Lucas additive?


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  • Lucas additive?

    Good stuff or B.S.??

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    I Used It On A $50 Car I Pick Up From The Airforce Base That Had A Stuck Lifter. It Cleared It Up And I Was Able To Sell It For $700.


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      I use it in my Kawasaki 1200
      plus I have used the ransmission additive in a 89 van that was slipping, it helped
      additives for oil are probly like Mr Anuls Majic Elixer, just a little better
      they add a lot of the polimers (where is the spellchecker) but cost way to much
      censored for having an opinion


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        Snake oil
        1994 Toyota, dual cases, 5.29 axles with ARB's


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          lucas good stuff i run it im most every thing i have, or have had i guese i should say. it really helps when hot and on a cold start up. at start the lucas is glued to the internals and prevents dry start, when hot helps the oil maintain a constant viscosity and the oil dont turn to water and run way from the internals, i had a old camaro with a wore out 305 started knocken added two quarts of lucas and drove it for another two months before the tired 305 just fell apart. my opinion is worth the money.
          im lovin it

          2004 wrangler se
          4 inch rough country lift
          super budget 3 inch body lift


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            Thanks guys................I guess for eight bucks it cant hurt.