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CA Legal H.E.I - has anybody found one?


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  • CA Legal H.E.I - has anybody found one?

    Hi folks - my stock distributor is in need of replacement (exposed wires under cap). Thought I'd do an HEI upgrade - looks real easy. Anybody find a Cal Emmissions legal HEI for the I6? Or do you guys simply swap back the stock when it comes time to smog? :confused:
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    I did a TFI upgrade. Use the stock dist. base but you go to a bigger dist cap, and an after market coil. Next I want to in stall my MSD box.

    I bought the parts new at Kragen Borg warner stuff,
    Cap #c193
    Cap adapter #C193A
    Coil #E92
    plug wires #86171

    Heres a link to help,

    This helped with the stumbling the 258 carb has, (doesn't prevent) Better spark.
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      OH NO! ANOTHER Chris eL!

      Welcome to the board...we always have room for another Chris

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        There is a company called Davis Unified Ignition that makes a GM HEI ingnition for almost all motors out there. They make one for AMC 6 & 8 cylinder motors. They are all CARB exempt.
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          The web site is
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