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  • Engine Issues

    I will admit I have not had time to search on this so please forgive me in advance.

    My Jeep (98 TJ Manual 4.0 I6) decided to through a fit this morning. It all started with the Check Engine light. It then progressed to stalling when coming to an idle.

    I did find a cracked hose coming from the manifold to some thing (truing to find out what this is as it might give me a better clue to what is going on) mounted to the engine compartment near the front on the drivers side. This seems to have solved the stalling problem as long as the engine is under load (If I just pump the throttle while parked it will still stall out but if I am actually moving it is okay).

    Now that I was actually able to drive into work, I discovered a new problem (Check Engine light is still on). The engine will stutter/stumble if I push in the gas pedal around 3/4. If I let off the gas everything is fine. I had no problems driving to work as long as I took it nice and easy.

    Everything I know (admittly not much) screams vacuum leak but I can't find it.

    Some more info. I tried to pull the diagnostic code (holding down the trip reset, toggling key on/off three times). The code I get is 24 but it never displays after the system does it checks (odometer counts from 000000 to 999999 and guages do all sorts of funky things) only on the first turn. This corresponds to a problems with TPS sensor or circuit.

    I did wash the engine on saturday but it drove just fine on sunday.

    Any ideas?
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    Usually error codes are a number with 4 digits following, like "P108" or something. When I did this trick with my 98, I was unable to get the codes. maybe some are different. If you think its the TPS, check the wires and plug. It wouldnt hurt just to replace it, but it might not be the problem. Check the Didtributor for water in, maybe spray some WD-40 in it, and the cap, to displace the water. When was the last time you did a tune up?
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      I truly do not know if its a TPS problem but will check it tonight just to be sure. There seems to be 2 sets of codes, one you can get from turning the key trick and the other you can get from a diagnostic scanner.

      A tune up is very over do and will be doing one tonight and will also check the dist. for water.

      Just trying to get as many ideas as possible to try tonight.

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        I finally got things sorted out.

        I did do a tune up and replaced both CCV inlets on the valve cover. Did not fix the problem. So, I got a hold of a TPS and replaced it tonight. Jeep is running like a champ again.

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