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this poor forum looks lonely... ZJ Rear Disc Write-Up!!


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  • this poor forum looks lonely... ZJ Rear Disc Write-Up!!

    lets spice it up a bit!

    rear discs on an XJ Dana 44

    all done.. only took about 6 1/2 hours or so... not too bad!

    ZJ disc bracket and dust shield, inboard view:

    donor axle shaft with new bearing, seal and TJ Rubicon retainer plate:

    the bracket won't fit over the bearing! (but you already knew that )

    one of these will make short work of the problem

    see? now they fit!

    another angle

    comparison between regular TJ backing plate and Rubicon backing plate (see how the Rubi plate has a little turndown to hold the seal in place? use the Rubi plate, then you don't need a custom-machined spacer):

    on to the good stuff... raise the rear (use jackstands!) and remove the tires and brake drums:

    pull the axle shafts:

    disconnect the brake line, disassemble the drum brake hardware, disconnect the parking brake cable, and remove the backing plate (it should basically fall off!) Brake fluid will want to drain out, so I connected the new caliper to keep fluid from dribbling everywhere:

    more to come...

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    part deux!

    remove the bearing raceway:

    comparison between theTJ/ZJ pattern and the XJ axle:

    two holes need to be drilled and two need to be ovalled out a little:

    growing pile of junk :

    clamp the TJ retainer in place and mark where the new holes need to be drilled/enlarged:


    file off the burrs and clean up the flange so the new stuff fits flush:

    bolt it up! everything fits...

    install the axle shaft. i used a deadblow mallet to seat the new bearing. tighten the retaining bolts/nuts.

    view of the new retainer plate/seal:

    install the caliper. i didn't need to re-flare the brakeline; just re-routed it to fit a little better. i'll weld the tab to the axle tube in the near future.

    not too shabby, huh?

    for now, I have no parking brake. i'm going to remove the parking brake cables and install ZJ cables in their place instead of welding to the parking brake actuator arm to enable the use of XJ cables. (if you weld to the arm, you won't be able to remove the actuator anymore.)

    I also did the proportioning valve mod to restore proper bias to the brakes.

    The part number for the TJ Rubicon retainer plates is 1-05083678AA. You'll need 2, and they only cost about $4 a piece. Much cheaper than having anything made at a machine shop

    Thanks to Stu Olson for his informative website and to William for loaning me his D44 axle shafts to minimize down-time.



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      VERY nice write up!

      95 yj, locked lifted, and ready to rock!


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        Nice Write Up Chuck!! So this is what you've been up to

        BTW: In the Pic below, be careful with the rubber brake line rubbing aginst the spring retainer, it could eventually wear through.

        Ya Savvy?

        Motech Performance