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Correct lubricant for Dana 300 TC


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  • Correct lubricant for Dana 300 TC

    Anyone know what the right stuff is for a D300? My manuals all say "AMC/Jeep lube 8983000000", which does not mean much to me. I tried to find a cross reference to this number, but no luck. I had been filling it with 75W90, which seemed to be ok considering it didn't have any wasted bearings in it when I took it apart.
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    75w90 is pretty generic gear oil. If its been working, I'd say stick with it. That's essentially the same stuff we used in the radar antenna transmissions back when I was in the service. It works everywhere from equatorial jungle(phillipines) to north of the arctic circle(norway) the only downside is that stuff stinks! If you spill it on your clothes they're toast, 90weight is nearly impossible to get out. I got drenched by about a gallon once and had a hell of a time getting everything clean.
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      You could be cool like TJ's and run ATF . . .
      Ya Savvy?

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        Originally posted by Dukes69
        You could be cool like TJ's and run ATF . . .
        Well... That's the true origin of this question... The AMC/Jeep #8983... is supposedly ATF which I have deduced by everyone and their brother saying not to run 80W90 in T5 transmissions. The service manual says to run ONLY 8983.. in the tranny, but make up with 80W90 at refills. It's rather ambigous on the tcase. It says to use 8983.. OR 80W90. I used 80W90 to make up in my tranny and the bearings were toast when I tore it down. I think the 90W had something to do with this, probably because I had so many damn tranny leaks that it had mostly 90W in it. Maybe the correct question would have been "what the hell is AMC #8983000000?" If it's ATF, then I can do away with the 90W and just keep ATF on hand for the tranny and tcase.

        BTW, I filled the D300 with 80W90 last night.
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          The Dana 300 is an all gear driven part time unit with a cast iron case. It has a single stick shifter. It replace the Dana 20 Tcase. The D300 has an entirly different bolt pattern from the D20. It uses helical-cut gears making it quieter and esier to engage. The 300 holds up well under V8 power and is compated and can be adapted to nearly any transmission. There are also 4:1 low gear kits available.

          Type: Gear-driven, cast-iron; aluminum tailhousing
          Low-range ratio: 2.61:1
          Outputs: centered rear, right side front output
          Weight (lb.): 86
          Lubricant: 80- to 90-weight
          Length (in.): 11.5 (face to center of rear output shaft)
          Width (in.): 16.0
          Height (in.): 9.0

          This is all I could find, I belive I used to run 80/90 in my 84 CJ but It's been awhile...
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            i'll bet the stuff i put in my atlas would worrk well for you as well.
            torco MTF
            synthetic blend

            Product Description:
            MTF is a special light viscosity, low friction oil with superior load carrying and wear protection properties. It is formulated using the highest quality petroleum base stocks and unique additive systems that focus on thermal stability, shear stability and shock load protection. MTF is treated with anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion and anti-foam to reduce fluid degradation and increase life of all drive components.

            Features & Benefits:
            # Superior load carrying and wear protection
            # Improves power throughput
            # Quicker shifts and smooth operation
            # Superior shock load, EP and wear protection

            PDF INFO


            if you are insistant upon having the 70/90 viscosity... there is the RTF full synthetic.
            Recommended for manual transmissions, transaxles and marine outdrive units where an SAE 75W90, 80W90 or 90 is specified. Also replaces SAE motor oil 10W30, 30, 10W40 or 40 where specified for transmissions. Commonly used in circle track (Winston Cup, Busch, modified, stock), road racing, formula, open wheel (Champ Cars, IRL Cars), off road, drag racing, sports compact street and domestic performance street applications. Highly recommended for achieving maximum power efficiency. Excellent for dry sump and fluid drive gear cases. Note: RTF is specifically recommended for Richmond Gear Racing Transmissions.
            for more info, go to the above link, and look under"products"
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