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    I'm trying to sell my 93 and get something a little newer....judging from some responses from the "which xj is best year" thread i'm going to stay away from 00 and 01 and probably aim for 97-99. Anyways, i have rusty's 3" spring pack on my 93 and i love it...few d/l vibes and no d/s mods yet. Ive been reading and it looks like i'm gonna be in for a lot more vibes and a 97+ model. My qustion is, for a newbie like myself...i dont know what a slip yoke eliminator is but in a nut shell it helps eliminate the there any downfall to it and someone said something about a sye slipping out while wheeling....can that happen to me w/ minor wheeling that i may do here on the coast of CT? I lifted the 93 myself and just lookin for all the basic differences that i may run into w/ a newer xj while lifting and driving after. Thanks for any info.

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    on your stock driveshaft if you look at where it attaches to the tcase you will see it can move in and out, thats the slip yoke, when you get an SYE you are getting rid of this slip yoke and adding a fixed yoke which doesnt slide in and out. Getting an SYE requires a new CV drive shaft. The CV driveshaft will resemble in a way your front driveshaft which has a joint in thew middle of it that allows it to extend and retract into itself which is what is replacing the slip yoke on your tcase. so basically your driveshaft cannot fall out on trails unlike the stock one, but with 3inches of lift(which is about what i have) i dont think the stock shaft will fall out, you would need a pretty flexy suspension

    A rubicon express hack & Tap style SYE is about 90 bucks for 97+ cherokees and then you need a driveshaft which is in the 200 range **I THINK** im not sure on the driveshaft price

    oh yea and the slip yoke eliminator is not what actually eliminates vibes it just allows for a CV driveshaft which is what eliminates vibes.
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    87 XJ 3" lift, 31s-thats all thats worth mentioning


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      I have a 98 xj i am planning on putting the 4.5"rustys lift on and am having the same delimma as you. I have heard that the 97+ xj's are the most prone to vib's. The best, and cheapest, thing I have found has been the rusty's SYE kit that includes the drive shaft for $480, which is about $80-$100 cheaper than if you purchased them seperately. Here is the link so you can check it out.