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  • Fun With Axles

    any one have a opinion on running stock cj-7 axles or up grading to J-10 dana 44's??
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    As it stands now I have the AMC20 ARB with 4.56 gears with 35 BFG's. The axle tubes have been welded to the housing. In the last year I have gone through 2 sets of axle seals on the right side. I have to have a bent axle tube, because I can't get the seal to stop leaking. The weak link is the thin axle tubes the amc20 has. I'm in the process of building a Ford 9" for the read and a dana44 for the front. I would have gone with a Scout dana44 for the rearend but the price is a little high for me. With the ford 9" I have looked in to the early years Bronco. Big bearing 58" wheel mount to wheel mount. $150 from a junk yard. it has 28 spline axles but mine plan for now is to run this intill I can save the money for the high pinion carrier form Currie.
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      I have a J-10 front D44 in the YJ - bear in mind that it uses a different inner axle seal than a "normal" D44.
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