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Fuel pick up problem or short?


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  • Fuel pick up problem or short?

    My 99 XJ has a kind of odd problem.... If I'm below 1/2 tank and make a fairly sharp left turn while on the gas, like pulling out of a driveway or onto a freeway ramp, it falls flat on its face, like its running out of fuel. If the tank is above half full it works just fine. About two weeks after i bought it, the pump went out and was replaced. Do you think they might have put the wrong pump in and it isn't picking up like it should? If I milk it into the corners, it doesn't have the problem either. I'm worried that if I'm on the trail and get on an incline it will run itself out of gas... Any suggestions guys (and gals)?

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    Im thinking a pickup problem, like maybe the tube is not on the bottom of the tank. The pump is in the tank on those, right? Could be the strainer is not on the end of the pickup tube and its just flailing around in there with no weight on the end of it. Seems kind of strange that it only does it in one direction. Did you figure anything else out with this? Does it only do it when slowing down through a corner, or at higher speeds also?
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      Only accelerating through a left corner...Thats the odd part of it. Yes, the pump is in the tank... Looks like I better just open it up and make sure everything is connected like its supposed to be...


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        How many miles are on the Jeep?
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          I had the same problem with my 97 cherokee country. The fuel sending unit has gone bad. The fuel meter is saying that you have 1/2 or 1/4 (in my case) a tank left, when in reality you are running on empty. Parts are cheap, Labor is expensive.


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            I'll have to check that.... It has about 60k on it....