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    Hi has anyone ever put a engine chip on a 6cyl if so did it make much differents to power or is there a better way to its a 97 tj s/s free flow k&n filter whats best. leeroy

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    Don't waste your money. You will be disappointed.
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      i hear that with the chip you got to lower the engine temp which then hurts the 6 i guese mopar has designed the engine to run around 210 dont know other than that but i am sure there is other ways to help the 6,
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        Change the gears! It will be like it has more power. Dont get a K&N, they dont filter the fine dust. Other then that, I dont think there is much that you can do, that is worth the money.
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          Wait till the engine blows up, then build a stroker .

          Really there are only a few things you can do to get more power out of a 4.0 without simply increasing displacement and performing other internal mods. As far as low cost upgrades, a cheap and almost free mod is to put a 180 deg thermostat in it and make a MAP adjuster to get more fuel to the engine. This is basically the same thing as what a Jet chip does - replace the thermostat and richen up the fuel mixture by bumping up the MAP voltage (yes, that's all that $250 box does!) For info on a homemade map adjuster see MAP Sensor Voltage Adjuster for the Jeep 4.0 EFI engine by Dino. I made one of these but I haven't tested it out yet. I used a PC board and project case from Radio Shack. Here's a couple of pics until I get this thing tested and finish the write up.

          Another relatively low cost upgrade is to get a larger diameter bored throttle body. You can have yours bored to 60 mm at any machine shop without modifying the throttle butterfly. If you want to go to 62 mm, you usually need to change the butterfly to match the bore. You can also find many throttle bodies for sale on ebay. Many of the companies that bore them require you to send the core before they do it to make sure they get a good core. You could get a cheap one off ebay to use as a core and then send it in to wherever you buy the bored unit from. That way your jeep will not be down while you do it. Boring them to 62 mm usually runs around $150-200.

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            thanks for the info the jet chip over here is selling for £500. I would not be to impressed spending that and its no good. with the spacer if I get mine bored out to 60 or 62mm is that all I have to do is refit it? is thers any thing more to do? thanks all