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    If you ever decide to rebuild your engine on your jeep or any vehicle for that matter don't go to MJM Engines Inc. in Escondido, CA..

    I had 135,000 on the 6 cyl and was starting to develop what I thought was piston slap. I took the long block in and they rebuilt it for 1700 bucks. They said I had a hairline crack in a skirt. I got the motor back and right away it had a rear main seal leak.. Not the biggest deal. I fixed it. The jeep is a trailer queen now and in about 3 yrs time I put about 2000 miles on it at best.
    I was at Superstition last month doing some trails with about 4 other buddies/jeeps. I turned my jeep off, spotted someone, got back in, turned it on and TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP... $@#$^#@@ Lifter screaming at me..

    I had to drive it to camp with no noticeable issues other than that horrible ratcheting clack. Popped the valve cover and my #2 intake lifter was shot. The rocker/bridge/pushrod was smooshing in and it was toast. Trailered it home, pulled the head and started on the lifter removal. Well the #2 was mushroomed in the bore and couldn't come out. And it was seized on the end stroke of course.. All the while riding the cam lobe.

    Pulled the cam thinking I'd just have to get a new cam/lifters/chain.... Well the cam bearings were all pitted and messed up..

    The engine shop reused my old cam, new lifters, did a crap job installing the bearings... Who knows what else was happening. This changes the game..

    Engines out of warranty by a MONTH!!! Lovely..

    So with the 1700 bad taste in my mouth to get a rebuild I decided to go either stroker or v8

    I'd LOVE a V8 but it would cost an arm and leg to do it right. I opted for a stroker... I went with Russ Pottenger out of West Covina....

    300hp/ 385 ft lb tq. LS1 valves/springs.. Port/polished head. custom rods/crank... blah blah..... And a VERY competitive price.

    I didn't want to mess with the engine as I'm in the middle of a SuperDuty 60/Sterling 10.5 swap but it is what it is.... Time to throw in an auto too....

    Anyways.. STAY AWAY FROM MJM Engines Inc.. you'll get burnt!
    1st batch TJ bought August of 96. Locked and Loaded!

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    That sucks balls. Sorry to hear that. Hope the stroker makes you happy
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