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bad valves....


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  • bad valves....

    ok took it to a shop and the mechanic told my dad it would cost about a thousand bucks for him to replace the valves because he says they arent sealing properly or something to that effect. Also since the stereo got stolen(it was just ripped out) there has been an electrical problem. He sayd he was gonna have to rewire the whole thing, first of thousand bucks is way tooo much for me. Plus would it really need to be completely rewired? couldnt i just figure out which wires need to be connected to what? the only place i know the wires are messed is where the stereo goes. So, how much should i expect to pay to have the valves replaced? I would do it, and it would prob be a good learning experience but...seems time consuming.
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    Hey Junkie,
    Get a second opinion. He may be right but Just to make sure before you break the bank or better yet, find someone you know who does engine work to diagnose it. There are several ways to check Valves/Piston rings etc. for compression & seal. Have you ever done major mechanical work before? And for your wiring, sometimes a stereo shop can figure out the damage if it's related to that part of the wiring only. If you are a do it yourselfer, go to a salvage yard and look for a complete mostly intact year, make, model like yours and visually inspect or take pictures so you can repair the wiring hack from those theves. It will give you a visual of the area they damaged and how the wiring is routed for a start. if the harness is really cut up sometimes you can buy a used one from a yard to fit. But what do I know.......

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      I just had my 6 cyl head replaced for 150 bucks and they should be able to repair the wiring as well Try somebody else


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        I think you could buy a rebuilt head and put it on yourself for much less money. Don't even bother with the valves unless you are going to do some performance upgrades.
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          Too much. Replaced mine for $500, labor too.
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            If memory serves, you are still a student. Why not enroll in auto shop and make this the class project? Free labor, supervision and tools!
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              ok first off, thanks everybody and anyone else with advice it is appriciated. Sencondly there are 2 jeep junkyards around me, all jeeps! so i know i can get cheap stuff there. also i am still in school(highschool) but my school has no shop classes whatsoever(pretty crappy) So i was thinking maybe this summer at a JC to take either welding or auto repair.

              Rick-as for mechanical work, ive taken engine and transmission out, replaced crankshaft and flywheel and put it all back together.

              So it looks like i will try to do some of this stuff myself and see where replacing the head gets me, after that ill have to play by ear. Thanks guys!
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              87 XJ 3" lift, 31s-thats all thats worth mentioning