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CJ& GM 6.2 diesel swap


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  • CJ& GM 6.2 diesel swap

    Hey anyone ever thought of or tried this?I realize it must be a heavy engine but it popped into my head and I wonder if anybody has tried it.I have helped swapped these out of 1 ton trucks for 350 gas engines before and it's a straight across swap.On a truck the bell housing pattern and motor mounts and exhaust pipes match right up.Therefore sbc swap parts should work to put it in.The weight would be a factor,I'll have to search to see what the difference is.I'm sure I could get lift springs to handle the weight.Wiring might be a bit tricky.I wonder how the torque curve(especially if used with a NP435) would work off road.
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    I'm guessing the weight would be prohibitive... I'm gonna guess that diesel is at least 150 lb heavier than a 350, which is a pig already. The block on a diesel is really beefy because of the high compression ratio - lots and lots of iron. Obviously there would be no lack of torque - you probably want 1 ton drivetrain throughout to keep from twisting things in two.
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      Well, I know a guy who has a 24 valve cummins in a his jeep. Of course he stretched it more than a foot, put 2 1/2 ton rockwells on it and lifted it high eough to put 49 inch tires on it, so i dont know if it would work as well in a milder jeep.