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full softdoor fix..


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  • full softdoor fix..

    Hey guys, I posted this at my regular haunt, but I thought it turned out real nice and figured I'd share.

    A couple weeks ago I bought a set of full softdoors from Bestop and discovered a problem on the drive up to BigBear. The tops of the doors have this nasty habit of sucking out when traveling at highway speeds and the wind is just right... which it always seems to be.

    It was suggested that a set of small bungee cords around the roll cage and through the zip pulls was a fix, and it almost was, but I hestitate to do that very often since we all know about zippers. I figured it wouldn't take too long before I ruined them.

    So neccessity being the mother of invention I went about figuring how I could solve the problem and here's what I came up with...

    First I decided I needed to get at the metal frame to attach to so I placed two slits on the inside fabric just under the weather stripping....

    I decided to use two points to secure the door top since I still had some noise and flapping when the zipped pulls were being used.

    From here I took some zip ties and made loops. This is the tricky part. You have to curl the end so you can snake it around the metal inside...

    And it's important which direction you put the zip tie around the metal or they won't lay right. I had them in both ways and the best way is to go over the top, inside to out....

    Now fasten the ties to make loops..

    Cut off excess and tuck in...

    Now You can loop bungees around the roll cage and to the loops easily...

    I used green so y'all could see them, but yeah, I'm a chick so I changed them to black to match.

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    nice, very nice...
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      cool idea,nice pics. I'll forget i did it, open the door get a leg out and WACK!!! get hit with a door....
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        thats sweet!!! good idea. my battery leaked and wrecked my holddowns so my new one is held on with a bungee aswell, god i love them


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          Originally posted by freewaydan View Post
          cool idea,nice pics. I'll forget i did it, open the door get a leg out and WACK!!! get hit with a door....
          Ditto... I'd need bright neon yellow ones and a flashing light on the dash to remind me that they're on there. But I suppose after a while you'd just get used to opening them up and it sounds like they're only used on the highway so locally you wouldn't need them.

          Good fix! Beats duct tape and looks a lot cleaner!
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