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  • First Mod - Kargo Master

    First mod on the 05 Unlimited - the Kargo Master. Now I'll be honest, the Jeep has gone to AL and back with the rack on, so "new" is being stretched a bit - but it my first mod...

    Wind noise? Yes...

    Also, they advertise that you can raise the rack a bit (there is a tool to do this that comes with the rack) and lower your soft-top. Maybe on the TJ, but not on the LJ - the extra bow makes it impossible.

    But the rack holds a lot - like me standing on it and putting another two "bodies" worth of action packers on top. Of course, like anything else, the more you put up there the higher the center of gravity. Strongly suggest "testing" out your load before you actually hit the trail or highway.

    Oh yes - and a ubiquitous "dog" picture after a recent foray into the desert...

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    Sweet! It looks really good, congrats!
    95yj Six Pack