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    so i actually got some seat covers today, sadly they arent furry. ever notice how there are no good seat covers at walmart or canadian tire? o wait u guys dont know what canadian tire is, well, at walmart then??? i wasnt looking to spend much, only 20 bucks a cover, so i guess i got what i paid for. also i bougyht a haynes manual for my tj, that should help me out a bit...will a steering wheel off an 86 cherokee limited fit on my 97 tj? i love my buddies steering wheel on his 86, and i want it just wondering if it will fit

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    i got my seatcovers at crappy tire. i only spent 30 a piece, and they are mossy oak camo. haha they kick ><>. but seat covers suck whenb you are playing in mud!
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      I got my seat covers today at Wallie World (Wal-mart), for like $19 a piece? Steering wheel cover, trash bag, seat-belt pad...all matching!
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        I also have the camo ones from wal-mart and the steering wheel cover to match, I like it! but it's been a few years and the seat covers are fading pretty bad.
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