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Wiring Windshield Mount Lights


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  • Wiring Windshield Mount Lights

    I picked up some windshield mount light brackets for my TJ. I plan on installing some PIAA 520 driving lights.

    Regardless of the brand of lights, does anyone have any experience in how/where to run the wiring in this location? The brackets install at the bottom of the windshield hinge. Since the PIAA's come with a wiring kit, and it is all plug and play, I am not questioning how to wire the lights. I am wondering where and how to run the wiring to these brackets.

    If anyone has any ideas, please let me know!

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    only thing i can think of is to fold the widshield down and run the wire through there?


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      I've done this, it's simple. After running the wiring thru the fire wall (to get the switch inside the cabin), take off the rectangular panel immediately below the windshield wipers, I think it has only four screws. You'll be able to zip-tie the excess length of wire to existing wiring under the panel and run the remaining you need to reach the lights. Put the panel back on with the wiring coming out of the side closest to the windshield. The final step is to use some type of conduit to protect the exposed wire and close up any openings using electrical tape.


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        Excellent, thanks Dada. I was looking at that over the weekend, and just havent had a chance to see how much i could screw up by removing that panel. Glad to know it is as simple as those 4 screws like you mentioned. I think that the only problem I will have is the rectangular plug that PIAA uses to connect the wiring harness to the lights themselves. It is rather stout. I guess I might end up having to splice together a bit of the wiring harness myself.

        You guys rock, as usual!


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          i have the same thing going on .what panel are you guys talking about ,the long thin one on the dash?and how much drilling has to be done? and where is a good place to drill?


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            The panel I mentioned is an exterior metal panel (painted body color) immediately below the windshield. On my jeep, I ran the on/off switch thru one of the rubber plugs in the fire wall (where some stock wiring runs) and ran the switch up on top of my steering column where it remains today held in place with xtra strong velcro. Cool thing is, I can see the switch's led lights reflected in the clear plastic gauge cover, so I know then the lights are on/off or white/fog (I'm running the Piaa 525's). FYI, in my application I did no drilling/cutting, only used zip-ties and velcro. Hope this helps.


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              yes yes, i see now thank you.but how do you insulate the wire form the metal on both sides. ive got the piaa550s ,the thick loom will pinch it .wont it?
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                I used electrical tape. I ran the loom from the back of the lights to as close to the metal panel as possible and then used the tape to protect the wiring from the panel and weather. The panel on my jeep didn't create such a tight fit that I would worry about the wiring chafing, but I put the tape on just to be safe. If your panel fits really tight, get a dremel tool and grind a very small half moon on the edge, paint the exposed metal with some body color touch-up paint and you're good to go. The half-moon would be virtually hidden from view by the tape and it's size and location. I've got 3 years into my installation and have had no problems to speak of.


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                  thank you ,thats a big help


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                    No problem, glad I could help.