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keeping in some heat??


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  • keeping in some heat??

    so its redick cold here right now, minus like 45 degrees C, plus wind chill, now my jeep has a hard top, but it dont do much, the only idea i have for keeping in the heat is putting like a thick blanket ontop of my roll bar, and even then its not that good, i dont have a winter front for the jeep i guess some cardboard would fix that but it looks so pov, the only thing i can think of is putting in a secondary heater behind the rear seat, and plumbing it in off of the front. if anyone has any tips please send away, im freezing

    thanks, Hurricane

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    the make a 12v heater just for that reason had a 67 bug in wy larmie during the winter and keeped it warm with one forget the cost but look it up was for a jeep i know that


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      here ya go geater for 65$


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        oh plus 5 yesterday!! i was walking around in a tee-shirt and shorts. moving back out west sounding pretty good yet? lots of work. on an the blanket works alright but not great. oh and make sure you dont pull out the carpets or get them soaking wet, then the blanket doesnt help, hahaha
        :devil: Giffer


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          thanks wolf. and no giffer im not moving back any time soon, i had my fill of the chinooks, plus 20 on christmas day, i miss that...


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            glad the links helped othere then that great stuff is great stuff lol stops air leads but rattles out after a while lol well good luck up there it was about 70 today and the new JK with the soft top keeps it nice and worm even when it was -10


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              Just saw these insulative covers in the back of a magazine. On the expensive side but if you can get some of the material and someone who sews you can make one.
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                i dont really have any idea on how to sew but i dont imagine them being all to hard to do. i could pick up the fabric etc and do one one for like 40 bucks. sorry im just thinking, and well writing my thoughts. ill post pics when i start.
                :devil: Giffer


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                  To keep some heat in mine I have the bikini top and wind jammer on the Jeep and under the soft top. Makes a huge difference
                  I got your jeep thing, now it burns when I pee


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                    Kinda old thread but thought i would add something... in my YJ I have one of those extra Mohave heaters mounted under the dash, then I made a fleece blanket that covered the roll-cage above the front seats and dropped right behind the front seats to the floor. For a rear window I used some clear plastic, cut a hole and hot glued the plastic to the fleece (dont over glue it... it melts). This worked great since it had half the area to heat and helped keep it from going out the top.

                    Now my TJ is a soft top and I'm really not looking forward to next winter but I will probably just do the same thing.
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