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  • halfcab soft top

    i am considering buying a half cab soft top with a tonno cover for my yj but befor i do i wanted to find out if it will install with some of the frame components for my facorty soft top and if i will be able to use my slider soft top upper half doors that i already have. also, do they protect for the weather as well as a fullsive soft top. i think they look great and it will save me some change if i just get the half cab but i want to make sure im not going to have to buy a bunch of other stuff just to make it work.

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    If you are looking at the halftop, the one piece top,windjammer, tonnue by Bestop or Jeep, then yes it works with your halfdoors and doorsurronds, and it seals amazingly well. if you have a sound bar you will have to either remove or reverse it.
    If you are talikng about the 3 seperate piece bikini top, windjammer, tonnue so;d by anyone includeing Bestop or Jeep, yes it can be used with the half doors and door surrounds, and it seals about as well as a leanto in a thunderstorm.
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      I have the old Steal Horse (now outland/smittybuilt). It is without the tonneau. Works great. Less than $200.
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        Has anybody seen the Steal Horse/Outland/Smittybuilt one available? I thought I saw it at Quadratec not too long ago, but now after searching, can't find it anywhere.