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  • Locking Brakes

    With all this rain we've have had in New England these past few weeks I've discovered that my 1995 wrangler will skid on wet roads by just appling the brakes in a normal manner. I think its the front brakes that are locking up. Is there an adjustment for this or is there a more serious problem. The jeep stops fine when the roads are dry no skidding or pulling of any kind. I would like to fix this problem as soon as possible and would
    like to fix it myself if I can. Any serious input would be appreciated
    Thank-You eaknibbs

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    I would check the rear brakes to see if they are working.
    On my Durango, I could back up, and the rears would adjust some.

    But normally, the fronts will grab harder then the rears for better braking.
    They should not lock up though.

    What size tires are on your jeep?

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      Originally posted by Navy-Jeepster
      I would check the rear brakes to see if they are working.
      Just to elaborate a little. Check the rear wheel cylinders are operating correctly, they can easily sieze. Make sure the brake shoes have adequate thickness. If in doubt, change 'em.

      The self-adjusting mechanism is next to worthless. Adjust the brakes with a screwdriver through the hole in the back plate. First jump on the brake pedal a few times to center the shoes then adjust until they are just rubbing on the drum a slight amount.

      Oh yeah, bleed the brakes thoroughtly, especially if it hasn't been done for a long time.

      It is likely that you will notice a significant improvement.
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        I have the stock Lt235/75R15 on there now I had 31x10.50R15 when I got the jeep but took the wide ones off for the winter.