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electrical help please !!


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  • electrical help please !!

    ok, on my way home last night from doing JB with you guys, i noticed that my brake lights were staying on w/out my fiit being on the brake pedal. Also my signals were not working with the headlights on, but when I turned my headlights off and hit the turn signals either way, they would all go off including my third brake light blinking all together.

    I have checked all my fuses and connections at all the lights and they were good.

    Any ideas ?

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    Bad ground.

    With a '04, I would take it in for repair under warranty. This way, if there are problems in the future (even unrelated electrical issues), you have a paper trail of the problems.
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      i got it figured out, guess while coming off a rock last night i pinched my trailer harness pretty good and made a few wires all connect at the same time.

      Anyways snipped off the bad section and and replaced it. All works good now.

      Thanks for the reply so fast

      Had a great time with you guys last night. Sorry we could not stay and help today. We had to come back home and finish packing. Were moving to BB this week finally.


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        Wow good find! It's amazing they didn't set off any fuses!
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