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Herculiner on a HardTop!!


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  • Herculiner on a HardTop!!

    Planning on coating my hardtop with Herculiner (Black)! Its similar to Line-x only it is a take home product and to it yourself!

    It asks to sand the hardtop down and clean it afterwards! Then apply Herculiner!

    Well what I would like to know is...what sandpaper and cleaner can I use that will be safe and wont damage the fiberglass top!!??

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    I'm not totally sure, but I would think that you would want something that has a very fine grade. After you've completed the project, let us know how it went and what you ended up using.
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      My brother-in-law Herculined the inside of his 84 CJ7. Everything was out of the interior of the Jeep. He spent hours and hours prepping and sanding... Followed the instructions to the letter. It looked ok right after he completed the job. It does not go on as thick as the Line-x or like product unless you apply a TON of coats. It seemed to me to be a lot harder too. Just a few months after the Herculiner was already showing lots of wear and after a year it looked awful and peeled up in several spots. If I didn't know for a fact that my brother in law did a great job prepping I would have thought that was the case but he did prep the Jeep well. Just my .02 cents but I wouldn't buy that stuff. Get it sprayed.
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        I agree, it will probably look crap after a while. I did all the inside of my CJ with it and it has faded a lot. Anywhere it isn't exposed to the sun it is still the original color.
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