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  • And Then!?!

    alright so i got some money. and i basically wanna know what i should do next. as of right now i have: just about all the recovery gear minus a winch. so winch is one of the maybies. i saw a MM 80000lb in 4wheel parts for 499 and it came witha free 25000lb winch.

    i have rock rails and a front diff guard and thats it for the armor. so the second choice would be T case skid and gas skid.

    Third i have 31s and a manual tranny with stock gears! yikes...3.07 gas mileage is at about 10 but i think that might be due to some other problems. so the third is gears most probably 4.56

    4)other, make a suggestion!
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    87 XJ 3" lift, 31s-thats all thats worth mentioning

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    The winch will look awfully lonely without a proper winch bumper to put it in. Make sure you get a bumper that has attachments going back far enough into the unibody and plus it will make a good tug point for a strap (for pulling others backward, not you forward, of course )

    Personally with what you are running now though, I'd suggest a transfer case skid and gas tank skid. The T-Case skid will save you lots of crying, if you drop down on it. The Missus' skid has few scratches but she is sitting on a 5.5" lift and 33's. Your tender 19 gallon tank is a lot closer to the rocks; you wouldn't want it to be an 18 gallon tank would you?

    Is Chris fabbing up any XJ stuff yet?

    IMHO, winches are nice and I have gotten good use out of mine, but most stucks can be resolved with a tug from a buddy or jacking up the axles and stacking rocks.
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      the bumper i have has unibody brackets that go back about a foot or so but isnt a winch bumper but i was thinking of getting a hitch style multi mount for it. it would only be used if i was really stuck and screwed. Im gettin pretty good at jackin and stackin

      as for the gas tank, it came with the option for a 20 gallon tank im pretty sure it was an option...i see what your saying with gas prices i want as much as i can in the tank. Luckily i have a steel tank which i guess might be kinda bad too cuz it dents...which has already happened.

      i dont think Chris is doing XJ goodies yet.
      B R E T T
      87 XJ 3" lift, 31s-thats all thats worth mentioning


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        i say armor! though i guess it depends on what you wheel in.


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          Hopefully with Chuck living closer, he'll be able to dabble in them. Its really hard to build something if you dont have the vehicle to use to take measurements from.

          What year is your XJ Chuck?

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            I think a winch is the best idea, I did a few things before the winchbut recovery is kinda important
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              I'd say some protection would be the smarter choice.... if you want reasons why, look at my underbody.
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                it all depends how much u use ur jeep off-road if u use it lightly go with gears because it will make that much difference on ur mileage, and off-road, but if u play hard keep ur rig protected with skids.... i'd go with the gears because gas isn't gettin any cheaper and u will notice it off-road
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                  regear for 33's, buy some coil spacers and a sawsall. Oh, but a gas tank and t-case skid would probably be a good idea too.
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                    Type of wheeling...ROCKS, Sierra Nevada is all rocks and i hate the mud. Luckily i have a steel gas tank, not the newer plastic one. The tank already has a few dents in it from landing on top of it. i found a guy around me to install the gears for 150 an axle, but they have to be outta the jeep, that works for the rear axle because im tossin the 35 and going with a 29spline 8.25 which is sitting on my side yard. so 300 for front and rear and i have another guy i can get all the stuff from, gears, install kits, new carriers for around 500. so its around 800 for gears, or around 500ish for gas tank skin and t case skid(full belly kind)

                    oh yea, im not interested in gettin a winch anymore, ill save that for later!
                    B R E T T
                    87 XJ 3" lift, 31s-thats all thats worth mentioning