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jeep YJ half doors and hard top


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  • jeep YJ half doors and hard top

    Ive got a 95 yj with a hard top and full hard doors. Im considering trading my full doors for half doors. I love the looks of those half doors! However in looking around I only see half doors with soft tops, never half doors with hard tops, is there a reason for this. Would I run into any problems fitting the half doors(upper skins and all) snug with the hard top.

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    YJ full doors are shaped differently than soft uppers on the half doors. Even if you get the Bestop Supertop uppers, it won't be a perfect fit. I have always run half doors with a Bestop Supertop and full doors with a hard top. Factory YJ soft uppers are squared off to the rear and the frames are unique to the YJ. A supertop from Bestop will include a whole new frame that is easier to fold up. Less parts and none of those funky snaps that rattle on the trail. Downside is they have a tendency to sagg in the rear if the locking tabs on the spreaders get bent up. Visit for details on this.
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      Keep the full doors if you can. the winter seal of the full doors is somethingyou will want
      However once you get your half doors you may never put that hard top back on
      I really like the half doors, plus I think they look better. but that is an opinion thing.
      I run topless most of the year without the uppers on the half doors and love it. I bought a cab cover to throw over it if the weather looks bad and keep it under the tonnue cover
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        Hey thanks for clearing things up for me. I think im just gonna stay with the full doors just to avoid any complications. But one day ill get my hands on some half doors and a soft top.


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          I have seen a couple of sets of YJ half doors with hardtop upper halves.The down side to them is that the windows slide sideways rather than roll up and down.They still look good though.
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            What are doors?

            PS. Keep the full doors and hardtop if you plan to winter drive your Jeep in MD. Paying tolls is a lot easier with a real roll-down window instead of that zipper or slider nonsense.
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