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Building a "Trunk" for a TJ


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  • Building a "Trunk" for a TJ

    Now with the new car, the backseat is getting yanked from my TJ.

    I have been kicking around the idea of building a sealed/semi-secure enclosure with a lid that raises. It will extend from the area where the floor board raises up to the cargo area right behind the front seats all the way back to the tail gate. It will also hold speaker enclosures for a pair 6x9 and 6.5 (going to ditch the sound bar too) plus have a downward firing 8" woofer enclsure. The lid will be wide enough to fit in a 35" tire. Going to use MDF, seal it with a 2-part marine epoxy to make it water resistant. Height will not be all the way flush to the tub, probaly 2-3 inches down (have yet to make any measurements). Probably will use Herculiner on top of the expoy.

    I have seen aftermarket items similar to this but none that go from tub wall to tub wall or look like they would fit the tire.

    Seeing as how I am still kicking this around, I'd love to hear all of your comments/suggestion.

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    sounds cool, let me know how it works out i might build one for my CJ5.


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      Hmmm...I did a similar thing in my YJ.

      I used 1/2" ply for the sides, 3/4" ply for the top and maple for the hinge mounting areas. I have a feeling MDF will not be very strong, unless you frame it. That's good ply not CDX

      I found that it creaked like an SOB on the trail, 'cos the frame/tub flexed but the box didn't So, I used some sheet rubber as an isolator at the mounting points and cured that.

      It's hard to make an open box and lid that fit well (I couldn't ) If I did it again I would make a closed box, then cut the lid off. :yay:

      I think I made the box fairly strong, but if I am honest with myself in a roll over it might burst open. So I secure the lid with a ratchet strap just to be sure.

      I finished with silver hammerite and rubber diamond plate on the top, which looked cool.

      I recommend using screws, not nails, and lots of adhesive. has a great selection of latches, locks etc...

      Sorry for the insult if you are a master carpenter

      My qualifications are a table saw and a six pack :yay:
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        Great idea. Can we see pics when you are done?

        I fix things.


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          Sorry for the insult if you are a master carpenter. My qualifications are a table saw and a six pack
          I have about the same level of expertise. I am not a master anything except for maybe silly ideas Thanks for the info, never even thought about the tub flexing which (as you pointed out) will cause some problems. I would be making a frame as there won't be any sides (except for the front part where the speakers are going) to it since I want to go from tub edge to tub edge. I like MDF becuase it is easier to work with, at least for me.

          Great idea. Can we see pics when you are done?
          Sure but don't hold your breath I am still kicking around the idea.

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            Why not 12 gauge sheet metal on a 3/4 or 1" angle iron frame? I would think the creaks and groans would not be an issue excepting the lid contact on the box (use rubber?), and it will certainly be strong enough... I'm kicking this idea around for the back of the CJ, similar to what Erik did except I want to make it enclosed, not expanded metal. Not sure how a sub will sound inside a metal box though...
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              I was going with wood of metal because I am more familiar with woodworking than metal. I am not a pure audiophile but I think if the sub enclosure is still wood, the sound different would not be that great.

              I do like the idea of metal better than wood so I am going to look into it some more.

              So what did Erik do? I guess I can see it at Calico

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                Hey All,
                I have a wood box that I built and it does work great but now I want to go to a metal style cover that in the blue print stage at this time. I like to know were a good place around here to get good steel for my project, I'm thinking of going Diamond plate.
                So please any advice on who to call here in San Bern