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power windows stink! Whats with the Radio?


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  • power windows stink! Whats with the Radio?

    At least when they arent working they do. The windows in my 95 grand quit working on me. One minute they work the next they dont. I think it is a bad connection but cant seem to trace it. I know there are controls that feed from the door into a big male/female plug. Is there some kinda relay. I know about the fuse. I changed it out still didn't help it does the same thing with the new fuse or the old fuse. And when it goes out none of the windows will go up or down. This is extremely frustrating. I can't find anything on it in the chilton manual. Can someone help. Oh and has anyone put a CD/Mp3 player in a jeep with a factory amp and not have it work? My tunner will play and come through all the speakers but when i switch to a Cd/mp3 nothing. It shows that the track is playing but nothing happens no music comes out. Kinda weird i know maybe my jeep has electrical problems. Thanks for any help.
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    First question:

    Do you have a EVIC module in your ZJ? This would be the unit that displayes all the info you really don't care about in your jeep, its overhead with the dome lights. Check the settings on it, I know its possible to child lock the windows and do all kinds of funky stuff with it. If you are having problems with this module then this may be your fix.

    Other solution, sounds like a possible short, I say this because...if it were an open in the wireing, it should only affect one window, however a short could cause all of them to fail. Either way....try troubleshooting....

    Open your driver door and close it...hard....check the it a few times, then move on to the other doors, one at a time. If it fails while one door is being jostled ( I like that word, not too often you get to use it) then you have narrowed it down that far. Take off the door panel and start checking the wireing, switch and all connectors.

    Could it be moisture in one of the connectors? does it happen more in the morning?

    EVIC Info

    Question 2

    Sounds like a CD player problem.......

    If your tuner is working but no audio from the CD player, they are Transmitted from the same wires out of the head unit. If no audio from the cd, then maybe the output for it is hosed up. Re-check all your connections.
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      its been a while but i figured out what was wrong with my windows. i had a broken groiund wire in my door. I looked it had broken before and someone tried to fix it with a connector but it wore out the wire. So i sodered a piece in and it works fine. I looked at the connections on my radio and they seem fine. they all line up and arent frayed anywhere so i have no clue what it up. I think i am going tho my bros radio(the sameone that i have) and see if it will work. Thanks for the insite.
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