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Ok Ladys I need some Help Please


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  • Ok Ladys I need some Help Please

    I have a problem that I dont know how to ask. So here it goes. My wife has a problem riding in my Jeep Because of all the bouncing. She is what I would say as Gifted. Double D's. I want to make her Jeep ride where she wants to go out with me. But I need some Ideas to help keep her bounce down. Dont get me wrong I like a good bounce. But I want her to want to go out for trail rides with me more offen. I have a CJ and will be doing a front reversal soon. I lower the air psi all ready in the tires. Do any of you ladys have any suggestion? :confused:

    Ok for those of you who think I have a sick mind but maybe I'm being true to heart.

    I am in need of help,

    but my sick side of my brain said to put it in this forum "Above the Rockers"
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    hmm ... wish i could lend some advice LOL
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      wow... thats too bad, man
      i like the "bounce"
      maybe a softer suspension?

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        Are you talking about hard core trails?

        My girlfriend Has a really bad neck, She had spinal surgery and had to fuse three vertebre (sp).

        Anyways, She cant really handle a lot of the bounce too. Whenever we go light trailing, i drop the pressure real low like you said and I disconnect my sways. That usually makes a world of a difference. its not perfect thought.

        just a thought......
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          I'm going to do a spring over with yj springs. Right now I have rancho 5000 shocks. I will need to update the shocks. any suggestions? Rancho 9000 ?
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            Im not the smallest girl around...but I dont have any problems with this. I suggest a bra for her that she wears just when shes wheeling with you. Something that provides better support and has wider straps. There are some nice sports bras out there. Granted, it wont be very sexy.

            Im not sure the shocks are going to make a huge difference. I have the RS9000's.

            One thing I notice, is that when Im wheeling...most of the time...Im going so SLOW that there is no bounce.

            Good LUCK!

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              you can put a five point harness in like i did my wife staps in and no more movement the straps go right across and hold them babys down and no im not trunin to be funny its ture she rides with the five point on lol
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                IANAL (I am not a lady), but my ride softened up significantly over OEM after my suspension upgrade.

                I have coils so the 4" OME springs don't apply.

                The combination of the Nth Degree Mobility Shock Shifters and Bilstein 5150's did an amazing job of soaking up bounce after coming off of obstacles.
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                  Originally posted by JeepGal
                  There are some nice sports bras out there.
                  I Talked to her about this and she likes the Idea. Me to. Cheaper and that means more money for other things.
                  thanks for the help.
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                    My girlfriend runs into the same problem(though not even close to a DD).
                    She just wears a good Sports bra and that keeps her from having to hang on the girls whenever we hit some bumpy terrain.
                    Oh and Jeepgirl, a sports bra can be sexy!! :wink:


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                      Ok this isn't a high-tech answer and I can't really recommend a specific part to resolve your dillema. But how about this low-cost alternative: drive slower on the trail. It should turn your bouncing/jostling into rocking/swaying.
                      Or you could trade up to a TJ j/k!!!
                      It's not the size of your tire, it's how you place it!

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