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  • From bad a$$ to sad a$$

    A few of you know I have packed up and moved to the other side of the country to Western NY. So here is what my once purpose built Jeep has gone from. A rig that was designed to live in the rocks.

    After realizing the extreme I will be putting my fully armored Jeep through, it only made sense to de-armor it before I have a rust sandwich. Pulled the korner krushers off, installed stainless button head bolts filling the holes, sprayed bedliner under new Xenon flares and license plate. Need to get rocker armor off next spring and maybe go with some Poison Spyder aluminum Defender front fenders. The armor really serves no purpose when in mud or trail riding. Rausch Creek is about 4.5hrs away but dont see myself getting down there that often. Maybe the desert was not so bad after all....

    Attempted to sipe the center lugs on the old MTR's which did not help much. While going around a corner in our neighborhood at maybe 15 mph in two wheel drive the rear end tried to come out from behind me. So more sadness... AT's went onto my Rubicon. I have to say the Duratrac tire does not look so bad for being an AT and it serves it's purpose here for what the Jeep does today.

    Here we are with about 2 weeks of driving in the snow.... Or should I say salt? The Jeep gets covered with it's big ole' shoes hanging out throwing salt every where. Thinking about another spring project setting up front and rear removable mud flaps with a possible 2x6 aluminum nerf bar style step.

    On a positive note, the Jeep is driven daily now that work is just 15 min down the road with no freeway driving. So it is being used even though it is now a mall crawler. Just to put your minds at ease, I just washed all that salt off.

    Someone go enjoy Johnson Valley and Big Bear for me please.

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    Bummer.... It still is a good looking Jeep though! Probably the best looking in your town. :dunno:
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      Just put an oscillating sprinkler under it once a week to rinse the salt out. Lots of undercoat and maybe a WD-40 bath couldn't hurt. At least it's being used and adapting to your needs.
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        I have your screen name tattooed on my right shoulder... semper fi!

        My lil YJ sat 50 yards from the ocean in Rhode Island for 10 years after I got out. I shipped her out to Cali and after a few dollars she is still running around. There is/was some rust but nothing too major or catastrophic. Just take the time to wash her often and use some rustoleum on the underside.

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          Originally posted by vwtipeii View Post
          I have your screen name tattooed on my right shoulder... semper fi!
          Semper Fi x2. If you ever need to feel better about how your Jeep looks in it's East Coast variation, just look at this....

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            There is a product out there called Salt Away to neutralize the salt. I use this stuff as a rinse after running my PWC's in the ocean then I'll wash them. Might help you get through the winter salt.