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  • Tub Liners

    I'm thinking of lining the tub of my 04 TJ to improve quietness, and the amount of heat that come thru the floor boards. Questions,

    1. Is there any reason I shouldn't.
    2. Which system do you recommend and why
    3. How difficult was it
    4. What did you learn that they didn't tell you
    5. Any other info you'd like to pass alone is appreciated.


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    DIY paint on liners do nothing to reduce noise or heat, so if that is why you're doing it don't waste the time or money. I did mine because I wanted something besides carpet. I't durable if done right. Hard to keep clean. But I like it. If you do it and yo have a top on the Jeep, don't plan on driving it for a day or two, the fumes will make you loopy!
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      I will say with confidence, that line-x (the best you can buy?) is not as good as the factory carpet for heat insulation. I don't know about noise, but as far as heat goes, the factory carpet kept the heat levels down more than the line-x spray does. It'a not horrible, but the carpet is noticeably better for heat insulation. This summer I will be putting some heat shields in the transmission tunnel of my TJ with the line-x interior that I already have.
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        I have experience with one personally and another through friends

        1. Raptor liner. Sprayed it on my jeep trailer inside and out. You will need to buy a "shutz gun" It can be colored to match your paint but, its brittle and will chip if struck. Inside the tub shouldn't be an issue. As for heat and noise, I cant see it doing anything other than looking cool. I spent about 250 to do inside and out. Thickly on inside and fenders for durability (too bad it 's brittle).

        2. Lizard skin, a few of my street rod buddy's swear by this. It comes in two types, temperature and sound deading. They use the temp insulating type. There's a guy who shows up to the off road shows with a hot plate half covered in it. One side he puts an ice cube. It melts but slowly. Scoot the cube to the other side and it sizzles.

        I just helped a bud of mine with his 84 Toyota Pu. He used dyna mat on the floor and in the doors. That made a big difference in sound and I cant help to think it helped with heat also. Someone told me that you can source "dynamat" from home depo. Supposedly its something for roofing. dynamat puts their name on it and triples the price. I haven't verified this yet but, its something I eventually will.
        When I redo my trailer im going to use Monstaliner. It comes in colors, is much more durable than what I had and it rolls on, not sprayed.

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          I assume the heat source you are trying to reduce is the exhaust. On my FToy the exhaust runs under the driver. I wrapped exhaust tape around the pipe and it reduced the heat to the driver very significantly. I also used Herculiner on my floor, but it is really as an anti-slip.


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            I agree that Line-X is the best. I have it in my truck bed.

            For the Jeep I used Herculiner and I'm very satisfied with the results. I will not help with heat and the sound dampening is minimal at best but it's easy to wash down the dirt and mud. Make sure you scuff the surface good for best adhesion. I also used the UV protectant

            For heat I would get a heat shield. I don't like wrapping the exhaust because IMO when it gets wet it accelerates the rusting.
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              This stuff even seals screen door floored boats! But wait! If you buy now, you'll get ripped off twice as bad.... sorry, I'll go to my room now...
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                There's an old recipie that USCG motor lifeboat crews use that just mixes sand into paint. Mix to your desired consistency and slop it on however you choose - as long as it's brushed. The grip is outstanding, it's extremely durable and easy to touch up.
                Kurt, does that stuff come with an anti-liability clause? Once the fish come knocking, if you answer the door, somebody's liable...
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                  I have the same problem... my YJ is SUPER LOUD with the Borla Header and Flow Master Muffler that dumps out just past the TC on the pass side. My Jeep gets so hot on the freeway even with my AC on full blast you are cooking anytime it is over 80 outside. Also the tranny tunnel gets so damn hot it almost boils and drinks i put in my cup holders in my center console. Any passengers feet cook too as the cat is right below their feet, so I understand your problem!!

                  As we speak the crew at Brother's 4x4 are lining the tub with one of the roll on liners mentioned above (no real help with heat or noise reduction) then are going to line the tub with:


                  Then we are putting new carpet over it:

                  That should help keep her a little more quiet inside and the heat outside

                  Good luck!


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                    Brett, let me know how that dynapad stuff works! I'd like to do something to my transmission tunnel sometime, for heat.

                    You are putting it on the underside of the tub?
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                      Hi Daniel,

                      from the bottom up it will be 1. tub 2. liner 3. dynamat 4. carpet 5. smelly feet

                      The only thing going on the underside of the tub is going to be more shiny disco lights!!!


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                        After countless hours of consulting with several different members from different forums and researching this very topic for my Van build I used these items and I am very happy so far and I know I will be for a very long time.
                        oh. the roofing material will leave an awful smell in your ride for a very long time as you can smell the petroleum product used for the base. Every time it heats up it will release gasses into the automobiles interior. I had to remove it from a customers 280z project PITA beware.

                        In the cab floor all surface area
                        1. Dynamat Xtreme
                        2. Relectix- (its water proof unlike joot)
                        3. Marine Grade Carpet

                        Cargo area Floor
                        1. Dynamat xtreme
                        2. Reflectix
                        3. 3/4" Plywood
                        4. Joot (silver backed dark grey carpet insulation)
                        5. 3/32" Rubber mat flooring.

                        On the ceiling top down
                        1. Dynamat Xtreme
                        2. 1" Stirofoam between the runners on the van roof interior
                        3. Reflectix
                        4. 3/16" plywood wrapped with 1/4 closed cell foam with a vinyl/tweed combo

                        So with all this experience here are my plans for the JK and the TJ eventually
                        1. Dynmat Xtreme on the floors and throughout
                        2. Reflectix everywhere there is dynamat
                        3. Factory Carpet

                        In the rear area of my TJ I'm going to try the Lizard Skin Heat and sound deadener 2 step spray on.
                        I'm sure this is the winning combination for an open top Jeep. If you use the right carpet and open the weep holes after Dynamat installation you shouldn't have a mold issue.

                        Dynamat kills the resonant frequencies that accumulate and amplify
                        Reflectix won't hold moisture will insulate from heat and cold
                        Carpet makes it comfy for the lady in your life and adds more sound deadening and insulation to the surface area.

                        You can hear yourself think or don't have to work the stereo so hard including your ear drums
                        You'll be in a comfortable environment suitable for conversations about your Jeep on long drives
                        She's happy your happy

                        If you're bored check it out
                        Hope this helps
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                          Brian I used Thermotec by Cool-it heat shield and put it under the carpeting and it made a big difference
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                            Found this, when looking at the site Chips suggested. Looks like everything your looking for.
                            It was like that when I got here.