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  • Alarm and Security

    What does everone do to secure your jeep? Besides all the 357's and 44 mags, what about alarms? I am getting alot$$$$ into my jeep and insurance will never replace what I have built. I need to get an alarm with radar zones. Also a seperate kill switch. I will soon be welding my winch plate to the frame not too solid just enough you would need a grinder to remove it.

    What brand of alarm works good with soft top and is afordable?
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    Hi Terry. Our Jeep has a "KARR" system. It was installed by the dealer (Bob Baker- Carlsbad) they've put it in all of the vehicles on their lot since they had a couple stolen, and none stolen since. It honks the horn and flashes the lights to attract attention and incorporates a Starter/ignition interrupt. So if the alarm is set off, the Jeep won't start until the alarm is disarmed. The downsides are: heavy vibrations (trucks and harleys going by) can set it off, and you can't pull the doors off without going into 'valet' (standby) mode as it wires into the doors.
    Shop around, but in the latest 'JP' magazine, an interview with two car thieves revealed the most successful methods were starter interrupts and live dogs
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      keep your receipts, and take lots of pictures. the insurance company "should" replace it if you document the changes.
      there are many alarms out there.. just be sure to get one with a kill switch. it is also a good idea to have a seperate switch somewhere in the jeep to disable the solenoid. that is all you really need... or lojack? mine has the lojack, and i know nothing about it the jeep came with it. i hope i didnt remove the part, and swap it out not knowing what i was doing! lol

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