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hard top to soft top...


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  • hard top to soft top...

    im in deperate need for cash... got caught fishing w/o a alabama fishin lisence and now i have a 200 dollor fine. i had just moved to bama from GA and i had my GA fishin lisnece but the guy was an a$$ about it pretty much..

    any who, i was thinkin that i could sell my hard top to someone with a soft top and have them give me like $400 along with their softtop. how much should i ask for it along with a trade of their softtop? lets say its in good condition.. my hard top has no damage execpt for a small chip.

    this is my last resorte, i have a few other plans on getting cash beofe i try this. i just cant let my parents find out about it.

    thanks, brian

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    I just sold my 2 year old hard top for $1000...AND bought a barely used rubicon sailcloth top for $350...I think I was lucky on both, so you decide.
    2002 TJ on 35s a bit of lift with some stuff
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      I'm interested. What color is the hard top?
      2003 black TJ 4.0 manual
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