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  • Rack ? / Help

    I am thinking of building a rack for my Jeep. Actually my buddy will and it will cost about $200 for steel so it will save a lot of money.

    I want to put my spare tire up there along with Hi-Jack. Also I will mount 2 Gerry Cans on the tailgate.

    So my question is how practicle are racks and do they have any major concerns when wheeling?

    Also if anyone has the Kargo master or wilderness rack can you get me some pics of the mounts to the windsheild and to the rear of the Jeep.


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    Other then being top heavy my Congo Cage worked great. Very sturdy and strong. IMO they are build better then Wilderness.

    Here is the instructions for the Congo Cage.

    I got one for sale cheap.
    Check out .


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      I have a wilderness top hat rack that covers the entire top
      the top hat rack connects to the roll cage and it is easily taken on and off when not using it
      I like that, I only use it on long camping wheeling trips, and then it holds a ton of stuff
      I got mine for 100 smackers from someone who did not like racks
      bottom line, keep a word out, post up a few adds at your local 4x4 store, there are a lot of racks out there no one is using
      and that can save you a bunch of coin or hours of fabbing
      censored for having an opinion