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37x13.50 MT/R????


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  • 37x13.50 MT/R????

    I have a stock D30 up front and a D44 rear with 456 gears, 3 speed auto. I currently run 35x12.50 15. I was thinking of going up to 37s. Is it worth it? Will my D30 handle it? or should I just stick to the 35s.

    My 35s have done great for me in BB. I was just wondering.

    Also, what PSI do you guys run 35s while on streets?

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    well, it depends.....

    -what trails do you plan on wheeling?
    -why do you want bigger tires, aesthetics?
    -if your looking for "better offroad traction" keep the 35s and throw a locker up front.

    If you are going to do any moderate to slightly difficult trails, D30 on 37s is really pushing it. Its not the axle shafts that will be weak, its your knuckle, brakes, suspension, steering etc... many things come into play when stepping up to 37s. I plan on doing Dana 60s before I get up to 37s.

    Honestly I think most people will tell you the same. If I were you, I would spend that extra money on something more appropriate.

    just my .02
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      There are folks running 37's on D30s, but the two I know doing it have built the 30 to the hilt. Close $1K for that alone. The D30 knuckles are touted as weak, but some D44 front conversions require the D30 knuckle, and I've seen the D30 knuckle perform under huge stresses with 37's and not fail. Then there is the gearing. 4.56 will be ok, but just a little bit on the street side. If you want the climbing grunt you may want to up to 4.88, but that's as big as you go in the D30.
      If you're only running BB trails, 37's are going to take all the fun out of it. It ain't supposed to be easy.

      Now JV is another story...
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        That's all I needed to hear. I'll rather wait and do things right by swapping out my front D30. As far as trails, i do BB all the time. I agree, 37s would take the fun out of it.

        Thanks for the opinions.


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          what do dana 60's cost in cali? up here a d60 will set ya back like a grand or more. and thats with 3.73 gearing. so i would have to get new gearsets and everything. what can you guys find them for? just wanted to compare.


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            Have you looked on Craig's list? There are alot of deals on 60's.
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