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YJ Rear Window Defroster


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  • YJ Rear Window Defroster

    In a previous thread I posted about replacing my rear window glass on my hard top. (My hard to is from an '89 YJ). The glass I got came with the defroster.

    Can anyone tell me how to wire it? It has two leads, one on each side. I looked online for a wiring diagram but no luck and my CJ Haynes book does not have anything about hard tops at all.

    If one side is just 12V and the other is ground, I can just add a switch to operate it. But I have no idea.

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    A rear window defroster? I don't know what to tell you on that. I wanted to put back on my half-doors for the run yesterday and take off the bikini top. Some guys like all the warm and fuzzy comforts. Enjoyed sharing the Jeep with you yesterday, good luck with your wiring questions.