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  • duffel bags

    I'm looking for an assortment of really heavy duty duffel bags to organize supplies in the jeep. sizes would be similar to a large travel bag (imagine they will contain vehicle fluids, straps, tire repair kit, etc.).

    anyone know of a good supply store in the LA area that would have such a thing at a relatively good price? I will be calling some of the army surplus stores as a first avenue.

    i'd rather not order online since i'd really like to handle the products in person to see how they are built.

    thanks for any suggestions.
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    go to bass pro shop in ontario I bought one there camo & water proof bottom they have assorted sizes the most expensive is 49.00 and down mine was 39.00 they also have boat bags which I have 3 of they have been in heavy rain on my Jeep with no leaks go on line and look at them before you go out there.


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      Home Depot or Lowe's has bags for organizing tools and such, you can get some smaller zipper bags for sockets and stuff and flat bottom bags with divided areas to keep parts, tools and bottles of fluids upright and organized. Most are durable canvas for construction sites and the prices are't bad.
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        I use the cloth style tool bags. When I buy my dewalt tools sometimes they come with the cloth bag ones. pretty dang durable. I got four of them. One is main tools, then next is specialty tools, and the other is spares(ujoints, driveshaft, and arms, pitman, and so forth)
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          Yeah i would stick with your first instinct and head out to some Military Surplus stores your bound to find what you need there.
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            I believe M&I military surplus in pomona ca has a good selection of all kinds of bags duffle and others . They also have bunch of steel boxes that you also can store stuff in.


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              Gun shows are a good place to get bags and even ammo cans for storage.

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                By "duffel" bags, do you mean ones that zip up length wise or open at the top like a "sea bag"? The reference to military bags makes me ask. I may have a sea bag lying around here I'm not using.

                I'm no guru by far. I'm pretty green in fact. But I've kept my fluids in a large ammo can, and I'm happy for it. During load shifts and what-not, I've never had a spill or a container get crushed yet. Just a thought. I'm pretty sure I could scrounge up a can or two if you'd like them.

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