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  • Jeep Floorboard

    I recently took out that nasty carpet full of dirt and sand out of my jeep now the floor of my jeep gets so HOT!!!! I had my phone on the floor and it was melted half way through the day. Anyone here ever ran into that????? I was thinking of rhino lining but don't know if my floor board is getting to hot for that any input would help! Thanks

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    i have the same problem so i lined my with bed liner. man it helped out a lot.

    i want this jeep


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      I don't have a heat problem, but Rhino lined the entire interior floor pan and wheel wells. Better than carpet by a long shot. If your floor is getting that hot you better check and see if your muffler is sick. That's too hot.
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        The tub will get warm, but it shouldn't get that warm. I had a similar problem, melted the zipper in my best jacket and burnt the paint off the floor. Turns out it developed a leak (read I did a crappy welding job) on the air tube that goes into the CAT. Once I got it fixed the kids could ride bare foot in the back seat again. On a side note, I put POR-15 Chasis Coat on the underside of the tub. While the regular paint burnt off on the inside, the POR 15 wasn't phased one bit.


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          Thanks for the input I recently put in a flowmaster but i'm gonna check the cat see if i have a problem there!