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T&T Customs - Extreme Duty Trac-bar System - Jeep XJ/MJ


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  • T&T Customs - Extreme Duty Trac-bar System - Jeep XJ/MJ

    XJ/MJ Extreme Duty Trac-bar System - $229.95

    True to T&T's style, this system is extremely overbuilt and designed to handle your abuse.
    To prove we mean business, our drop trac-bar bracket comes with a lifetime replacement warranty.
    You break it, we'll send you a new one for nothing more than the cost of shipping.

    • 1 5/16" x .250 wall DOM tubing
    • Small Rubicon Express Super Flex Joint
    • Huge 1 1/8" threaded assembly - direct threaded not a weld-in tube insert
    • Two stage Hydro-Elastic Bushing (Diff Side)
    • Available for 0-6" and 6" and up applications
    • Bracket constructed from 1/4" plate
    • Design puts no welds in sheer
    • Will work with heim trac-bar assemblies (some modifications required)

    Our system has been competatively priced but, when it comes to design, is in a league all it's own.

    For orders call 307.775.YLNK
    Inquiries email

    Visa, Mastercard, and Discover accepted

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