has decided we'd like to show our customers how we can handle the abuse of a long summer by getting you protected from day one!!

For one month starting January 22nd at 12:01 am we will be offering our unique slider design to you for the lowest price in the industry!!

TJ - [COLOR=Red]$259.95 [/COLOR]
Unlimted - [COLOR=Red]$269.95[/COLOR]

Slider Specifications:
  • Attach to all 3 body mounts with holes that capture the body mount bolt unlike others out there that are slotted.
  • Cut from 3/16" plate steel
  • Precision formed with our angular standoff design
  • All kits ship with stainless mounting hardware
  • Quality tested and customer approved!

Every rig at EJS needs protection and you know where you can get it!
For other pictures of our sliders installed, check out our Projects section in our website ( You're welcome to contact by phone as listed below or by email at